Safety tips for residents

#1 Back into your driveway during the duration of RAGBRAI being in your community as it will be much safer for the bicyclist and pedestrians. It will also be much less stressful if you must drive somewhere during the RAGBRAI visit period.


# 2 If parked on the street or road, before opening your car door, check behind you, check again and then open the door slowly.


# 3 When merging into a turning lanes, please do so slowly towards the curb side of the road after activating your turn signal for several seconds to announce your intentions.


#4 Slow down when driving as those on bicycles are new to your community, most likely somewhat lost and are looking to locate where they need to be along with watching for debris on the road, dangerous potholes and cracks or other obstacles.


#5 Pass bicycles with at least 3-feet if not 5 feet between your vehicle and them.


#6 Signal continuously for 100 feet or more and make turns slowly to allow bicyclist to adjust to your vehicle's actions.


#7 Look left and then right and left again when pulling out from a stop sign, driveway or uncontrolled intersection and do so slowly with caution.


# 8 Understand that a bicycle is usually going faster than they appear to be going.


# 9 Yield to bicyclist, even if you don't have to. 


#10 If you don't have to drive the day RAGBRAI arrives in your community, walk around and interreact with those guests from all over the country and possible other countries. Tell them about the wonders of your city and what makes it such a wonderful place to live.